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Asia Gaming – AG Live Casino Game Platform Introduction

AG (Asia Gaming) live casino game platform was established in 2012 and since then it has grown in popularity among many individuals. We are dedicated to research and development, as well as the preservation of equality and security, and we are always striving to create a distinct gaming platform. AG also helps clients obtain a variety of gaming licenses such as the Isle of Man, Alderney Gambling Control Commission, etc. This is why it was able to establish itself as the industry’s top gaming label in a little time! AG live games platform offers numerous game modes, such as BID, VIP, and more. It’s worth noting that AG has an HTML5 game platform and an AG App. It’s also convenient for you to play rich games on your tablet or smartphone!

Unique features of the AG live game platform

The AG game platform combines the world’s most well-known casino games, such as baccarat, roulette, sic bo, and others to create the most exciting and high-quality live video gaming platform available. Players can also enjoy playing in a top luxury live casino while being serviced by beautiful dealers thanks to the AG game platform! AG has produced several one-of-a-kind games, including “super six,” “micro baccarat,” BID baccarat,” smart baccarat,” “cut shoe,” and “one-on-one with the dealer.” The platform also features the most numerous live game types in addition to providing the most user-friendly game modes (including: flagship store, international hall, auditorium, desk, and multiple). Last but not least, AG uses HTML5 technology and is continuously developing the SG App to support a wide range of mobile devices, including tablets and cellphones, ensuring that players may enjoy real casino vision in the HD live broadcast of the AG APP. You may play at the VIP package table and have a great game experience!

What types of live games can you play on the AG game platform?

AG gamers can provide an all-around gaming experience for live game players! AG has a diverse range of real-life games, such as the most classic baccarat variants, in which you may try various methods of playing to make the game more enjoyable while playing it! There are also several live poker variants available, such as Live Dealer Blackjack, Dragon Tiger, and Win Three Cards. These games are made to give Poker fans the most pleasure possible. Furthermore, there are some basic and straightforward live table games available, such as live roulette and live sic bo. You may play easily while still getting a kick out of winning!

3 AG Live Games that you should not miss

  • Live VIP table baccarat

The game features include: directly flipping cards, flying cards without betting, immediately opening cards, and changing boots. If the boots are full of 30 games, players can elect to change boots, master the game rhythm, and even replace the dealer’s most gorgeous baccarat gameplay if desired. You may arrive at any time..

  • Live Sic Bo

The iAG game hall offers additional diversified betting options, more types of associated rates to compete against the online entertainment city’s Sic Bo game hall. This popular game is quite fascinating, and it is extremely popular among Asians. The live broadcast of Sic bo on iAG has elevated the game to a new level, allowing gamers to enjoy the finest.

  • Live BID baccarat

Features of the iAG Game Hall’s Latest Baccarat Game: If you bet the most money in this game, you will be allowed to see the card. Furthermore, during the game, the lovely live dealer will converse with you online, and iAG will undoubtedly provide an unforgettable experience!

Visit iAG Live Games room now to experience various types of live games

AG Gaming Business has teamed up with i8 to develop the finest iAG live games room. All of AG’s popular and interesting games are included in the iAG live games room, making them easily accessible to i8 members. We also provide relevant discounts to keep live gaming fans happy. Now is your chance to join the exciting adventure of live gaming!

MG, another good live games platform option

i8 is also working with AG gamers and well-known game platforms in addition to collaborating with top-notch AG creators! Don’t worry if you feel AG’s current game isn’t enough for you to enjoy; we suggest another live-action game creator.

MG (Microgaming) was founded in 1994 and has since released over 1000 distinct game kinds. Despite the fact that the live-action game hall was established in 2006, there were several concerns when it happened, including a wide range of live-action games (for example, live baccarat, real 21 points…etc.), excellent collaboration with Playboy’s century, and the wearing of a live dealer. It is also great fun to play AG live-action games!