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ALLBET Live Casino Game Introduction

Allbet Group is Asia’s newest gaming and entertainment company, founded in 2014. They have successfully created a fully functioning baccarat gaming platform by integrating the knowledge and efforts of many betting experts with cutting-edge network technology. Allbet has always stuck to their motto of “success through trust,” and they continue to strive for a fair and secure gaming environment for players.

Unique Features of Singapore’s ALLBET Live Game Hall

Allbet Group’s outstanding platform features and design are all informed by player behavior, including the following characteristics. Once it was launched, the All Bet platform quickly established itself as a must-have in the business.

  • The first entertainment platform

The initial multi-table 12 route display. Four, eight, sixteen, or thirty-two table display modes are available. Mic baccarat, a six-card starter system, and so on Welcome Bonus 6 months of free play at British online casino sites

  • One of their iconic games is a new shooting game

The goal of the Allbet Group is to constantly improve and outpace themselves. In recent years, the Allbet firm has followed market trends closely and established a mobile game platform. They have broken down several barriers in their business. The “Century Air War” shooting game was released in 2017 as one of their masterpieces.

  • Certified internationally

To date, Allbet has only received government authorization for licensing and regulatory unit PAGCOR to operate in the Philippines. Their live-action platform is also approved by third-party testing bodies GLI, which utilizes the highest Isle of Man standard from Britain. They are a trustworthy and powerful entertainment organization.

  • ICE Totally Gaming International Event in London

Allbet has attended the ICE Totally Gaming International Event in London, UK for two consecutive years. All Bet’s most recent inventions and services are on display at this exhibition to visitors from all around the world. The future advancements and cutting-edge products of All Bet may be observed here.

Types of ALLBET Live Casino Games

Allbet Live Video is located in the Philippines at the PBCom Building, which has a floor area of 1,500 square meters and more than 400 employees. The live casino game platform offers four main game halls: Dragon Hall, Multi-Play Hall, VIP Hall, and BidMi Hall. Each gaming hall offers distinct features and capabilities to cater to a variety of gamers. Players may simply stay at home while watching any game from a real casino on Allbet Live Video.

  • Baccarat

Allbet has created a six-card first deal approach based on the idea of fairness, justice, and transparency. Allbet offers several baccarat games to enhance the player’s gaming experience by giving them the opportunity to feel like they’re in a genuine casino.

  • Dragon Tiger

The game of Dragon Tiger is a variation of baccarat. The winner is determined by the number rather than the pattern of the cards. Because it is simple and intuitive to operate, it is quite popular.

  • Roulette

Roulette is a popular game in casinos and one of the most popular casino games. The roulette in Allbet is real, with players competing against each other in real time. Players can enjoy the thrill of the game fully thanks to a brilliant skill employed by a seasoned dealer to roll the dice on a rapid spinning roulette.

  • Sic Bo

The Sic Bo game is known as “gambling big small” because the most popular betting option is large or tiny. Sic Bo is a rapidly paced game with a variety of betting possibilities. Asian gamers enjoy this game immensely.

  • Win 3 cards

A popular Chinese card game that has been played for many years. Each dragon and phoenix sent three cards to one another. The game’s regulations are unusual. It is entertaining, and it may even put you at an advantage of 120 times the stake. Players’ brains and bravery are frequently tested in the game. It appears to be quite appealing to players.

  • Niu Niu

The game of Niu Niu, also known as “bullfight,” is a Chinese invention. The rules are straightforward, and only a deck of cards is required to play the game. A pair of cards is dealt to each player and the dealer. The term for someone with three 10s cards in their hand is “Bull.” The value of the two remaining cards is determined by the card’s rank. All Bet uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to improve gameplay flow, allowing gamers to have a more pleasant and exciting gaming experience.

Introduction of exclusive games from ALLBET

Air Combat Century, which Asante launched as a live casino game, is a full-probability aerial combat game based around the theme of air combat – Air Combat Century. More than 100 real fighters and historical descriptions spanning from the First World War were included in the game, with 83 different types of fighter jets provided from all over the world. There are six battlefield backdrops in total; each one has its own multiplicity. The new probabilistic shooting game with the realistic fighter and animation design, along with various degrees of cannon fire, automated and locked shooting modes, accumulated Jackpot prizes, and so forth, allow thousands of military enthusiasts to enjoy the flight pleasure of flying in the air! The current century battle is now accessible. Are you prepared?

  • A new and trustworthy probabilistic shooting game

The game theory RTP is 96.5 percent, which has been confirmed by a third-party certification body.

  • Various realistic scenarios

The game has six distinct air combat sequences that have been created based on a number of disciplines. Each scene will feature fighters from several generations with various styles. Players may enjoy the game while also taking in the immersive visual experience thanks to the extensive design.

  • Multiple choices of cannons

The game has five distinct levels of cannon selection, with the highest level offering a better chance of bringing down the fighter.

  • Target will be locked

When the bullet is not aimed at a target during shooting, it resumes rebounding until it strikes any fighter. The lock function may also be used to select which fighter to concentrate on the fire assault. Settings allow players to have fun!

  • JACKPOT prize pool

The BOSS fighters may show up in any of the scenes. After the player eliminates a BOSS fighter, four treasure chests will drop from the screen. In addition to the score increase, there’s a chance to win the JACKPOT prize! Surprise awaits you at every turn, eager to battle!

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